6500 Woodworking projects

Книга 6500 Woodworking tasks 6500 Woodworking ProjectsКниги Строительство Автор: Martian Auctions Год издания: 2004 Формат: pdf Издат.:Martian Auctions Страниц: 1118 Размер: 50,3 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Contains plans on development numerous issues out of wood.As to climate it has 220 wooden operating plans and 6280 hyperlinks of plans additional tasks.

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I have, instead, focused on methods for removing these bum makes from cut surfaces. Those in the above photo are relatively easy to eliminate. Placing the tip of an extremely sharp 1" butt chisel across the thickness of the blackened wood, I drag the chisel backward (in the direction opposite the bevel) in a scraping motion. Two or three passes removes most of the scorching, in addition to leveling any irregularities left behind by the sawing process. A little work with sandpaper wrapped around a bit of flat scrap then completes the clean-up process.

Similarly, cut the through mortises in the two cross braces. Profile the feet and cross braces on the band saw. Then, fashion the leg tenons. You can do this on a table saw fit with a stack of dado cutters or by hand using a tenon saw. After fitting the tenons into their mortises, glueup the two leg assemblies. Shape the stretcher and fasten it to the top of the cross braces with half-notch joints. The top is held in place with wood screws passing through oversized holes in the braces. These oversized holes allow for expansion and contraction of the top in response to seasonal changes in humidity.

WOODWORKING MISTAKES In the second issue of Home Furniture magazine, Alan Breed wrote an account of his experiences during the construction of a reproduction of one of the masterpieces of American cabinetmaking: a six-shell secretary built by John Goddard late in the eighteenth century. Before beginning any shop work, Breed took detailed measurements, rubbings and photos of the original, which awaited auction at Christie's in New York. " For those of us whose skills fall a good bit short of John Goddard's, this is reassuring.

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