A Student's Pocket Companion: Fundamentals of Physics by J. Richard Christman

By J. Richard Christman

This 5th version in short covers very important rules from the most textual content and offers a few base equations. There are 3 reasons of this pocket consultant: to take type instead of the bigger textual content; to exploit as a convenient reference for equations whereas operating challenge assignments; to check textual content fabric sooner than an examination or while to quick bear in mind an idea. there's a huge left margin for brief notes and a be aware part on the finish of every bankruptcy.

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N A surface may exert a force on an object in contact with must be perpendicular to the surface. It is called a normal force. Unless adhesive glues the object to the surface a normal force can only push on the object. It must be directed away from the surface toward the interior of the object. it. 32 If the surface is frictionless, that force Chapter 5: Force and Motion —/ n or moving with constant velocity, the component of the object's acceleration perpendicular to the surface vanishes. We often use this condition to solve for the normal force.

This is because g, not the mass, varies D from place to place. Remember that the weight of an object is mg regardless of acceleration. Weight is a force and, if appropriate, is included in the sum of all forces acting on the object. This sum equals ma and if other forces act, then a is different its from n n The g. SI unit of weight is the newton. with negligible mass connects two objects, it pulls force of the same magnitude, called the tension in the string. You may think of the string as simply If a string on each with a transmitting a force from one object to the other; the situation is exactly the same if the objects are in contact and exert forces on each other.

7-7 Power n The power associated with a force is the rate at which it does work. Let the function W(t) represent the work done by a force from time to time t. Then, the instantaneous power delivered by the force is given by ' at n The SI unit of power is the watt (abbreviated W): 1 W = IJ/s. Chapter 7: Kinetic Energy and Work 47 n Suppose that at some instant of time a particle is moving with velocity v and is acted on by a force F. Then, the power delivered to the particle by the force is given by P = F v.

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