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Linguistic Diversity and Language Theories (Studies in Language Companion Series)

From the refinement of common method, to new insights of synchronic and diachronic universals, to stories of particular phenomena, this assortment demonstrates the an important position that language info play within the evolution of invaluable, actual linguistic theories.

Issues addressed contain the decision of that means in typological experiences; a elegant knowing of diachronic approaches by way of together with intentional, social, statistical, and level-determined phenomena; the reconsideration of different types resembling sentence, evidential or adposition, and constructions equivalent to compounds or polysynthesis; the stress among formal simplicity and useful readability; the inclusion of bizarre platforms in theoretical debates; and clean methods to chinese language classifiers, ownership in Oceanic languages, and English point.

This is a cautious choice of papers offered on the overseas Symposium on Linguistic variety and Language Theories in Boulder, Colorado. the aim of the Symposium was once to confront basic concerns in language constitution and alter with the wealthy edition of kinds and features saw throughout languages.

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1983. Grammatik der russischen Sprache. Düsseldorf: Brückenverlag. ” (van Gelderen 2004: 155) Starting point for these investigations were Abraham’s synchronically-oriented generalizations on the affinities between deontic readings of modals and perfective aspect, and epistemic readings of modals and imperfective aspect. In order to cope with so-called exceptions to his generalization, a fine-tuning of the classification of modals is presented where generic readings of modals are not classified as typical deontics but rather as a different class of modals with different aspectual selections.

EMV/raising-V: |~~~~~~~~|~~~~~~~~~| t1 tm tn Recall that no epistemic reading was available for embedded terminative predicates as in (9b). 3 In other words, the scope of E-MOD (EMV-reading) cannot de-terminativize a terminative verb. This is the matching mechanism between MV and [± term]-V. The DMV-reading, on the other hand, provides an event identification of its own as . For further identification of events and the projection of arguments for duratives, see Abraham (1989). , DMV.   Werner Abraham in (13a), overlaying its argument onto the embedded event structure in the manner detailed.

18) Klein-Kratzer Aspects for the relation between reference time and location time: a. ∃e1 (t ⊂ time(e) ∧ P(e)(w) = 1) imperfective: reference time included in the event time; event time “overflows” reference time. b. ∃ e1 (time(e) ⊂ t ∧ P(e)(w) = 1) perfective: event time included in the reference time; reference time “overflows” event time. 4 . Needless to say that punctual perfectivity as with find, step on etc. is implied simply by assuming that the incremental phase reduces to near-zero.

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Adv Rdr Wendys..Catch G2 Stry 08 by HSP
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