Advanced Surveillance by Peter Jenkins

By Peter Jenkins

This education guide covers all elements of conducting a actual covert surveillance that allows you to assemble intelligence and facts.

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A scouts hike tcomplete with scout badge on the dashboard, maps, frask and radio) and got away with it three weekends in a row because the 'covei'wai reatistic for the area. To summarise, in order rollowing procedures: to minimise 'showing out, to third parties, adopt the 21 ADVANCED SURVEILLANCE . Be aware of the area and situation in which you are operating. ' Be extremely ' Be aware of Neighbourhood watch schemes or criminal elements. ' Keep all equipment such as radios and cameras out of view observant of your surroundings when crose to and away from your target.

Lf they have, you should be told of the outcome, especially if there was a compromise, as you will have to be on your guard and adapt your tactics. Aware The aware target disciplines and trains himself to look for 'watchers' and 'followers' and he may carry out anti-surveillance tactics as a matter of course every time he appears in the open. This type of target is usually from the criminal element that has knowledge of surveillance procedurei or is a subject who expects to be followed. They can be tricky to put under surveillance but a larger team and more covert tactics will enable you to control such a target.

Ln this instance all the operators have to be alert and observant at all times, as the target may be travelling at speed or suddenly depart in a oitterent vehicle. ror" ,p and continue the surveillance. whatever you do, don't simulate a breakdown! I know that it works wellon the TV but that's TV. lf r were to pretend to break down and put trre caioonnet up r would expect the target to drive past laughing at me or at least offer a hand to fix the problem. rf the target does not offei to herp, r am sure that a kind-hearted neigh_ bour will, and before you know it you wiil have a ,stanJ;r, o- your engine has been stripped down and is spread out all over the pavement.

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Advanced Surveillance by Peter Jenkins
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