Advanced Video-Based Surveillance Systems by Christopher Nwagboso (auth.), Carlo S. Regazzoni, Gianni

By Christopher Nwagboso (auth.), Carlo S. Regazzoni, Gianni Fabri, Gianni Vernazza (eds.)

Advanced Video-Based Surveillance Systems offers moment iteration surveillance structures that instantly strategy huge units of signs for functionality tracking initiatives. incorporated is assurance of other structure designs, customization of surveillance structure for end-users, advances within the processing of imaging sequences, defense structures, sensors, and distant tracking tasks. Examples are supplied of surveillance functions in road site visitors regulate, subway stations, instant communications, and different components.
This paintings may be of curiosity to researchers in photo processing, computing device imaginative and prescient, electronic sign processing, and telecommunications.

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In the second paper, "Fuzzy Detection for Highway Traffic Control", M. Bami, F. Bartolini, V. Cappellini, F. Lambardi, and A. Piva of the University of Firenze, Italy, present fuzzy-reasoning techniques for making the detection of moving objects in traffic control scenes more robust. The paper is an interesting example of application of fuzzy techniques to a image processing task. The authors propose to design a set of fuzzy membership functions to define linguistic concepts to be applied to local differences in gray levels between successive frames.

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In [2] a way of tracking single pedestrians using active shape models is described. Shape is represented by B-spline functions and shape models are learned from training set scenes. Our scenes are often crowded and pedestrians typically look merged into groups while crossing the road, there are no typical shapes for pedestrian groups and a shape model to fit dynamic groups appears difficult to be learned. Furthermore, in our case, the pedestrian size is small because of the large field of view required to cover the whole region of interest and significant fluctuations on the shape descriptors are to be expected.

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Advanced Video-Based Surveillance Systems by Christopher Nwagboso (auth.), Carlo S. Regazzoni, Gianni
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