An English-Arabic Translator’s Guide to Election Terminology by May Ahmar

By May Ahmar

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Jôj …òdG í°Tôª∏d √QÉ«N πqé°ùJ Individual who satisfies the legal requirements to participate in the election. Those requirements are usually related to nationality, age, soundness of mind and absence of criminal record. An emergency voting occurs when a voter cannot go to the polling station on Election Day (or vote in the early voting) for specific reasons that meet the requirements of the country or district regulations concerning this kind of voting. Some countries allow emergency voting if the person is suddenly hospitalized, or becomes seriously ill, or is suddenly called away from home.

See Voters. äÉHÉîàf’G Electronic media is television and radio organizations that use spoken words and/or video, as opposed to the print media that uses the written word and/or pictures. See Print Media and Mass Media. á«aGôZƒJƒØdG EVM is a piece of equipment for use in electing a candidate from among many candidates. The voter is not given a ballot paper when he first enters the polling center, he simply presses a button, or a screen, that register his/her candidate of choice. √~jôj …òdG í°Tôª∏d √QÉ«N πqé°ùJ Individual who satisfies the legal requirements to participate in the election.

Jh Ú∏qgƒD ŸG ÚÑNÉædG ≈∏Y ±qô©à∏d kÉ°SɪàdG Equal Suffrage Principle according to which every person is entitled to one vote (one person, one vote). ~MGh 䃰üH Oôa πq μd ≥ëj å«M IGhÉ°ùŸG GC ~Ñe Demands that voting operations offer equal opportunities for participation to all eligible voters and political participants. Encompasses aspects of Accessibility and Transparency. ¥ƒ≤◊G ¤EG ∫ƒ°UƒdG á«q fÉμeEGh The label given to powerful, elite individuals or groups who can make important social, political, and economic policy decisions for the society.

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An English-Arabic Translator’s Guide to Election Terminology by May Ahmar
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