An Outline of Cambodian Grammar by F.E. Huffman

By F.E. Huffman

A vintage. ability to Cambodian what L.C. Thompson skill to Vietnamese

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The ancient Spartans .. - a; +-' '+- re a; > +-' e e '+- o f Eating a lot of food was not alIowed. The ancient Spartans g AlI the boys had to join the army. The ancient Spart ans h Boys were not alIowe d to ery when they fought. The ancient Spartans 4 Rewrite each sefltence sa that it contains the word in. capitals. The conquest of the Incas a Francisco Pizarro decided that he would return to South America in 1532. iV\ .. 1632 5 TO . b He hoped that he would conquer the Incas. TO c He aIso expected that he would become rich.

Sorry, but yo u 're not allowed e to wait here. 1 Underline six other examples of verb ar adjective folIowed by the to-infinitive, and one example of verb ar adjective folIowed by the bare infinitive. In India all children are supposed to go to school between the ages of six and 14. In fact in the countryside it is very difficult for young children to get an education because the govemment has failed to build enough schools, and also because transport is difficult, and children need to take the bus to get to school.

Leam useful skills. 'We.. H mak e sure that aU the children who work here understand themselves a bit better when they leave,' commented one employer. 3 Complete each sentence sa that it means the same as the first sentence, using either make ar fet in a suitable form. Vl a; > u a; +-' ~ re '"O ere Vl a In ancient Sparta, girls had to practise running, wrestling and throwing javelins. S, b A baby was not allowe d to live if it was not fit and strong. The ancient Spartans did not .. c They encouraged young children to fight each other to make them tough.

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An Outline of Cambodian Grammar by F.E. Huffman
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