Aristotle's "Nicomachean ethics" by Otfried Hoffe

By Otfried Hoffe

A person attracted to theories of ethical or human perform will locate in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics one of many few simple versions suitable via to this present day. on the centre of his research, either sober and wary, are such options as happiness, advantage, selection, prudence, incontinence, excitement and friendship. Aristotle's arguments are on no account of purely historic curiosity, yet proceed to exert a key effect on present-day moral debate. The 13 contributions during this quantity current the principles of Aristotle's research, in addition to the trendy history of its reception.

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Ethics as practical philosophy  . Practical philosophy The third part of these introductory chapters is dominated by the idea of a practical philosophy, powerfully effective but often misunderstood (b–a; the very last lines, a–a, just conclude this). The fact that ethics—and likewise political philosophy—has practice as its object, is self-explanatory; but the intention pursued here is not quite so self-evident. , b f.  [], a–b). Equally provocative, if not more so, is the further thesis that it is only for the person who has directed his efforts in accordance with rational principle (kata logon) that a knowledge of these subjects will be of great value.

Today, in an age of scepticism towards metaphysics, and in order to be taken seriously in a scientific sense, ethics are proposed with the emphasis of an “ethics without metaphysics”. Although Aristotle is often adduced as a counter-example, these introductory chapters themselves follow this supposedly new programme. Not only does he speak of a subordination of ethics to politics, rather than to metaphysics. – [], especially b–). , b). He remains faithful to this programme as his arguments are further developed.

Theoretical theory. e. a non-participating observer, but rather engaged in his own person. References Anagnostopoulos, G. , Aristotle on the Goals and the Exactness of Ethics, Berkeley. Aubenque, P. , “Politique et éthique chez Aristote”, in Ktema , –. Barnes, J. , “Aristotle and the Methods of Ethics”, in Revue Internationale de Philosophie , –. Bien, G. , Die Grundlegung der politischen Philosophie bei Aristoteles, Frankfurt a. M. , , Ethics with Aristotle, Oxford.

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Aristotle's "Nicomachean ethics" by Otfried Hoffe
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