Yielding of Our Will to God

Root judgments form the foundations of beliefs that we develop, usually as children, as we try to make sense of the world around us

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Much of the sinful behavior that we act out today arises from root judgments. This sinful behavior is often fueled by judgments we have made in response to personal insecurities. Many of these insecurities arise from past perceived rejection by significant people in our life (Gen. 37:3,4). 
        Root judgments form the foundations of beliefs that we develop, usually as children, as we try to make sense of the world around us. We are all born into a sin-damaged world. Our souls were not originally designed to exist in this distorted spiritual environment. God did not design our souls to experience rejection and abandonment. Our souls were designed to experience His perfect love and everlasting provision.  Making sense of the world around us and who we are in relation to this world and in relation to God is now a difficult task for a soul that was originally created to dwell in harmonious union with an infinite God’s unconditional love. 

   As children, we begin to form what we consider at the time to be necessary judgments about life, ourselves, other people, and God, as we struggle to survive the barrage of rejection, abandonment, betrayal, and performance-based conditional acceptance from the people in our life. We learn to survive the emotional bombardment of sin-damaged relationships by making judgments that we hope will help to protect, secure, or build up our own sense of self-worth and personal safety. Add to this our natural tendency 
(as a result of original sin) to insist on being in charge of our own destinies (like Adam and Eve in the garden) and we have a superb recipe for relationship disaster. As we unwittingly participate in the construction of a self-protective “building up” of our souls through the judgments we make, we form a barrier from which we will eventually fear and resist the foreign concept of healthy intimacy later in our lives. 

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