A Dog's Life

Are we protected?

A Dog’s Life

          I have a friend, Daphne.  She is a thirteen-year-old, seven-pound, toy poodle.  As she gets older, she becomes more and more dependent.

          If I am sitting down, she wants to be in my lap or in my arms with her head on my shoulder.  When I get in bed, she curls up under my chin.  When I walk, she follows me.  When I “go,” somewhere, she goes, too.  When she is in her bed beside my computer, sometime I leave the room while she sleeps.  When she wakes, she barks and runs to find me.  She feels safe when she is with me. 

          That said, sometimes she is focused on the wrong thing.  If there is a dog or human across the street or across the highway 200 feet from my door, she breaks and barks furiously as she attacks them.  She does not bite but makes them think she will.  She is very small but does not know it.  Jeremiah, two doors south, is a black Labrador retriever.  Jeremiah and Daphne have a “stand nose-to-nose and bark” relationship.  When she is not close to me, I cannot protect her.

          This morning I was watching Charles Stanley.  Daphne was in the crook of my arm.  She looked up into my face and took a nap.  Suddenly, the revelation came.  Daphne and I have a lot in common.  I am safe as long as I am with my heavenly Father.  As long as I am close, and following His direction, nothing can happen that He cannot handle.  However, if I run off, cross the street or get out in the middle of the highway, I am going to have to accept the consequences on my actions.  Just like Daphne, I might find a bigger dog or get hit by a truck.  If that happens Jesus will cry, and wish I had done what I knew was right, Then He will hug me and begin to use my mistakes to make me a better dog . . . er-r-r . . . person.

          Stay close to Jesus.  Stay under the safety of His umbrella.  It feels good to sit in the crook of His arm, look up into His face and take a nap.

God Bless you and yours   Dr. O. K. Neal

okneal Sunday 02 February 2014 - 12:05 am | | Education

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